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Search No More!

By Rich Galdieri | Jul 14, 2018

Search No More (Why I’m Contemplating Removing Search from My Site) Here’s the thing. The times they are a-changin’ in the real estate world. The Multiple Listing Search (MLS) was once the historic bastion of a realtors information curation. A realtor would input what the buyer was looking for, like the neighborhood, garage, bathrooms, price […]

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5 Buyer Strategies for Seller Markets

By Rich Galdieri | Feb 12, 2018

With inventory hovering around historic lows in our market, buyers are still finding themselves in bidding wars for properties.  However, simply being the highest bidder is NOT the only factor that makes one offer better than another.  In fact, offers that are too high can lead to appraisal issues leaving both the buyers and sellers […]

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